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Kuzbass DX Group awards programme

General Requirements : Log extract requested, cards not wanted. SWL OK. There are not restrictions as for the QSO date, modes and bands. Awards fee is 1 $ equivalent for Russian amateurs, 2 $ equivalent or 4 IRS for CIS amateurs, 10 $ or 10 IRC or 10 EURO for the rest of world amateurs. The application and fee should be sent (registered letter recommended) to:O.A.Maljavskij , Box 1, Topki, Kemerovskaja obl, 652300 Russia. Awards will be send to applicants by registered letter. e-mail:

W-18-Z award


To obtain the W-18-Z award is necessary to make QSO with stations of the Russian oblasts situated in the WAZ zone 18: R9H (TO ex 158), R9O (NS ex 145), R9U (KE ex 130), R9Y (AL ex 99), R9Z (GA ex 100), R0A (KK ex 103), R0B (TM ex 105), R0H (EW ex 106), R0O (BU ex 85), R0S (IR ex 124), R0U (CT ex 166), R0W (HA ex 104), R8T (UO ex 174) , R8V (AB ex 175).

The award has three classes.

1 st class: the applicant should work 18 different stations of the zone 18, among them at least one station of the each one of the above listed oblasts.

2 nd class: the applicant should work 18 different stations from at least 7 different oblasts located in the zone 18.

3 rd class: the applicant should work 10 different stations of the zone 18.

QSL of the SWL located in the zone 18 are valid for the award purposes.


Worked Russian Special Stations Award


Applicants should have made contacts with Russian special event stations; the award has three classes:

1 st class - applicants must have worked with 20 different stations

2 nd class - applicants must have worked with 10 different stations

3 rd class - applicants must have worked with 5 different stations.

Applicants from Russia must have worked with a doubled number of stations.

For the WRSS proposal qualify QSOs with the next stations:

1. those using UE prefix

2. those using special call-signs during DX-peditions and contests (like RM4W, RI3A, RU1A, R3HQ etc).

3. those belonging to amateurs societies and clubs using special call-signs (like R1DIG, R9MWS, RS3A, R3RRC etc.)

4. those using special event call-signs during different special events and celebrations (like RP3ZOR, RP9XUK, RH1C etc.)

QSOs with R1AN.., R1MV.., R1FJ... don't qualify for the WRSS purposes.


Special offer for hams outside of Russia:

Some of our foreign colleagues have a sort of preoccupation about the uncertain work of the Russian Post-Office and don't risk to send green stamps/IRC in envelopes with their applications. If you don't consider possible to send the application for award and its fee by certified letter I'm ready to offer you another way. I have been an award chaser since a lot of time. So, if you are ready to pay for me the necessary fee for any award issued in your country, I would be happy to accept your e-mail request for our award and sent it to you free of charge. In this case just send me an e-mail  and we will agree about the matter.


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